Huge Snowfall in Andorra

Snow in the village of Arinsal, Andorra

The past 36 hours have seen huge snowfall across Andorra with around 50cm at resort level and up to 100cm on the slopes.  This evening the snow continues to fall, and with temperatures set to fall as low as -21 celcius on Monday it looks like it’s going to be a great start to the New Year, albeit a little chilly!

There has been some disruption to travel with access to Andorra via the French border being closed today, however the snowploughs have been out in force making sure the roads are in a good condition for the influx of tourists heading to Andorra for New Year.

Snowploughs in the traffic

If the forecast is correct then most of this coming week should be clear, with more snow due on Saturday, so it looks like those heading out for a ski holiday in the next few days could be in for a treat with lots of fresh powder coupled with crisp cold temperatures and clear skies.  For those of you wanting untracked powder make sure you hit the slopes early as I’m sure there will be many with the same idea, although you can usually find powder for at least 2-3 days following a big dump if you put the effort in to search it out.

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