The 6 Snow Apps That You Must Have!

Using mobile data in Andorra

Nowadays we are fully connected and there is hardly a second that we are separated from our phones, not even when sleeping. Therefore, when we head to the mountain, apart from taking our goggles, gloves and helmet, there is a must, the mobile phone! It could be uncomfortable, but everyone is skiing with their phone in their pocket, either for security reasons, to contact friends or just to take a snowy selfie. Technology is a major part of our lives, but without a doubt, the mobile is the winner, that’s why apps have been gaining importance day by day (supposedly) making life easier.

If you are going on a ski holiday this season, these are the apps you should have on your phone to help you enjoy the snow to the fullest!

Trace Snow

This app is ideal for competition lovers and those who seek to excel themselves. Formerly known as Alpine Replay, Trace Snow not only tracks your descent through the slopes of Andorra in the most detailed way using your phone’s built-in sensors, but Trace Snow also records metrics such as maximum speed, jumps, airtime, distance travelled and calories burned. Users can view a summary of their statistics after hitting the slopes, with their route automatically mapped out and all your personal records. In addition, you can participate in different challenges and compete against thousands of skiers from all over the world.


If you have skied on the slopes of Grandvalira you have probably seen this app announced throughout the resort since it is highly recommended when skiing. But what does it do? Safe365 offers a security tracking system that locates your position through the phone in case of emergency to facilitate rescue. If you get lost in the mountains, have an accident or any kind of problem, you could contact emergency services by simply pressing a button wherever you are without the need for mobile data. This application is fully integrated with the services of 112 in Andorra.


As you may know FIS stands for the “Federation Internationale de Ski”, that is the world governing body of skiing. If you’re a winter sports fan, we recommend that you download this app as it provides users with an event calendar and results for everything from FIS races to World Cup events and Olympics. In addition to live times and scoring, the app also includes athlete bios, FIS sports news and up-to-date standings.


This app is undoubtedly for the most adventurous. Find your next goal in the mountains and make it come true thanks to this complete 3D mapping application that has the most elaborate maps of different ski resorts, including Grandvalira and Vallnord. This application has information about each mountain, altitude, slope and even risk of avalanches as well as each off-piste itinerary with the more detailed description made by local experts.


Snocru is another social app for skiers that gives your day on the slopes a more competitive edge. You can connect with your friends in real time and challenge each other to ski the most vertical feet, hit the fastest speeds and track the most runs in a day. At the same time, you can check the resort conditions and even locate the closest apres ski options.

Olfi App

Do you have an Olfi Camera? Then make sure that you bring it with your for your next winter holiday to film some cool videos on the slopes. This app is useful to record your best runs in the snow. From your mobile phone, you can see exactly what your camera is recording and control the recordings with a single click. In addition, you can edit your videos instantly and share them on your social media.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to slide around the real slopes of Andorra, book your skiing holidays here.