Top 5 Activities To Try In Grandvalira

There’s more to Grandvalira than meets the eye. Not only is there 210 kilometres of pisted runs and a variety of terrain to suit all ages and abilities, but there’s also plenty of activities to be enjoyed off the slopes too. In no particular order, here’s our top five favourite activities you should try in Grandvalira.  Prices correct at time of publishing (Feb 2019).

 Magic Gliss
Magic Gliss ride – Canillo

New this season is the Magic Gliss ride in Canillo – a luge rollercoaster which sends you zooming 555 metres down the track at speeds of up to 40km per hour, before pulling you 180 metres uphill to the start of the track. Don’t worry though, you’re completely in control of your journey – simply push the control stick forward to accelerate or, if the adrenaline is getting too much around those windy bends, pull it back to slow down or brake.

Magic Gliss is great for all ages from 3 years old, but children under 8 or under 135 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

How do I get there?
Take the Canillo gondola to the top of the mountain, turn back on yourself as you get off the gondola and walk through the ‘Mont Magic’ arch towards the top of the ride. You can also ski to Canillo sector via the blue Rossinyol run which comes down from the top of the TSF4 Els Clots chairlift in El Tarter. From here, you’ll need to get TSF4 Junior chairlift to the gondola.


One ride

  • €5 per person or €7 for two people

Three rides

  • €10 for one person or €12 for two people

Five rides

  • €15 for one person or €20 for two people

Canillo Zip Line
Zipline (‘Tirolina’) – Canillo

Ever wondered what it feels like to strap into a harness and go flying through the air at speeds 80 kilometres an hour? Give the Zipline in Canillo a go and you’ll soon find out!

The zip line is 550 metres long and sends you flying 40 metres above the ground over the beautiful ‘Llac del Forn’ lake and new Magic Gliss ride (see above).

It’s a great activity for all ages and – depending on how brave you are – you can choose to fly in a sitting position or ‘Superman’ mode – on your stomach, ready to fly face first into this adventure!

There’s also a tandem mode for those with young children wanting to experience the zip line together.

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it might look, so relax and enjoy the views!

How do I get there?

The Zipline is located in the same area as the Magic Gliss ride (see above).


  • Sitting position (minimum 35kg/maximum 140kg): €15 per person
  • Extended (‘Superman’!) position (minimum 50kg, maximum 115kg): €20 per person
  • Tandem mode (one child, one adult): €25 in total.
    (For children, the minimum weight is 20kg, and maximum weight is 40kg. For adults, the minimum weight is 110kg and maximum weight is 150kg.

Snowmobiles – Grau Roig

Snowmobiles – Grau Roig

If you like snow, speed and nature then snowmobiles are for you! These vehicles can go as fast as a scooter, reaching speeds of up to 60km/h. Before setting off, the team at Roc Roi will give you a safety briefing and explain how to manoeuvre the snowmobiles. They’ll then take you through the forest of Grau Roig and out into the open snowy fields where you can get some speed up and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Grandvalira. A variety of packages are available with the snowmobiles, so for more info check out the Roc Roi website.


How do I get there?

Grau Roig is accessible via skiing or by car (there’s a free car park with over 500 spaces). To get to the snowmobile centre,


  • 30 minutes, 2 people: €80
  • 1 hour, 2 people: €120
  • 2 hours, 2 people: €250

Dog Mushing
Dog Mushing – Grau Roig

Love dogs? You’ll love the unforgettable experience of dog mushing in Grandvalira! Fall in love with beautiful, fluffy Alaskan dogs as they lead you through the forests of Grau Roig on a sledge directed by a professional musher. The dogs are well cared for, expertly trained, and are extremely dedicated and faithful. The cold temperatures are typical of their natural habitat, and their great physical capacity allows them to walk for even 140km in a single day! If you’re lucky, you might get to watch them as they excitedly race off for their dinner at the end of your session.

[Insert video here:]


How to get there:
The dog mushing is located in the Grau Roig activities centre, by the snowmobiles (see above).


  • 2km: €50
  • 3km: €70
  • 5km: €90

For more information on the Snowmobiles and Dog Mushing, read our snow adventures blog.


No matter what your age or skiing ability is, tubing is guaranteed fun for all the family, better yet – it’s super easy! All you need to do is sit your bum in the specially-designed rubber ring and let yourself go sliding down the snow!

How to get there:

The snow tubing activity is located outside in the Grau Roig activities centre, by the snowmobile centre – see above.


  • 20 minutes: €20 per person
  • 40 minutes: €40 per person.

Now you know our top five activities in Grandvalira, all you need to find out is which one will be your favourite!