The Best of Both Worlds

Spilt image of inside Sagrada Familia and couple sat on mountainside

It’s not easy to combine everything you want into one holiday, with a limited budget it’s often difficult to fit all you want to into a single trip away… but not impossible.  We’ve looked into how a twin centre holiday staying in Andorra and Barcelona opens up a massive range of activities for you to enjoy while you are away.


It would be quite difficult to find anywhere more relaxed than Andorra in the summer (it’s really no wonder that they are ranked in the top 10, out of every country in the world, for life expectancy) which makes it a perfect destination for a summer break.  Not only are the mountain ranges both stunning to look at and drive through, there are a range of different activities that you can take part in.  With summer being Andorra’s quiet season, you can find some great deals from the hotels to make your holiday money go that little bit further.

Trekking in Andorra


Andorra has been a well-known and popular destination for the hiking community for a long while.  With most of the country unspoilt, there are plenty of pre-set routes that you can enjoy of varying difficulties.  Make sure you take your camera as the views are absolutely stunning, and there is nothing more revitalising for the mind, body and soul then getting out into the fresh mountain air and getting some kilometres under your feet.

Mountain Biking

If you have ever wondered what they do with the gondolas and chairlifts in the summer, they certainly don’t just stand there dormant.  Definitely an experience for the more adventurous but over the last few years the sport of cycling, off-road, down the side of a mountain has become extremely popular in Andorra which has led to heavy investment.  Even if you decide not to give it a go yourself it’s a great spectator sport.

Mountain biking downhill


If you find the best way to relax is to spend some money, then look no further! Andorra’s capital is a great place to spend the day, browsing through their vast array of shops.  With a very low tax at 4.5% and even some goods being duty-free, you can pick up some absolute bargains.  Just be mindful of your purchase allowances as Andorra is outside of the EU.


Andorra is home to Southern Europe’s largest indoor spa and is quite the spectacle.  Situated in the capital city just minutes away from the main shopping district it’s an absolutely must-see.  With many of the hotels also offering spa facilities, it’s a great way to relax if you’ve spent the day exploring on of the many walking routes available.


House in Park Guell

Barcelona Beach

Not many people associate Barcelona with the beach but just 20 mins walk from the City (and easily accessible from public transport) is Barceloneta – a nice, wide beach that’s full of bars and American-style restaurants.  Perfect for anyone that likes a beach day but doesn’t want it for their whole stay.

FC Barcelona

Whether you are a football fan or not, you’ll probably know that FC Barcelona is one of the most famous football clubs in the world, and home to world class players such as Messi and Suarez.   Camp Nou, their 99,000-seater stadium, is home to the club museum and well worth a visit to see all their trophies and memorabilia throughout the years.  You even get to walk through the player’s tunnel to pitch-side making it a very interactive experience.

Barcelona football stadium


While being one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world, you can still see the influence of Antoni Gaudi throughout the city and one of the finest examples is the Sagrada Familia.  This church started construction in 1882 and is still not finished to this day, with its anticipated completion date in 2026 – 100 years after Gaudi died.  A walk around Park Guell will give you another chance to see some of Gaudi’s very recognizable style.

La Rambla

Stretching from Place de Catalunya to the port, this 1.2 km long street is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike.  In the middle of the street you’ll find a combination of street artists, florists and restaurants but don’t miss out on the beautiful building architecture each side.  The food market’s entrance is almost hidden but once you are inside the colours from all the fresh produce is stunning.

Combining the two


Flying to Barcelona couldn’t be easier with multiple budget airlines flying from many different regional airports.  As there is so much choice, flights tend to be good value for money and with a very short flight time you’ll be in the Catalan capital before you know it.  To search for flights, just click here and we’ll get you started.


Whether you choose to head to the mountains of Andorra or the streets of Barcelona first, it’s nice and simple.  There are shared transfers from Barcelona airport to Andorra that run seven times a day, every single day.  To get into Barcelona city centre you can either chose a taxi, rail or coach with very regular services running.