How To Get To Andorra

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Andorra is landlocked, doesn’t have an airport, has no train service, and has no motorways, so you might be wondering how to get to Andorra! Well, despite the above it’s actually really easy to get to Andorra, with great connections from France and from Spain. This article will help you understand your options.

How to Get to Andorra by Air

Our first choice of airport to travel to Andorra from is Barcelona. Here, you have the widest choice overall, with daily flights from regional airports in the UK and international airports as well. The road through the Spanish border is a lovely drive, with unique views of the Catalan countryside. Rivers, lakes and mountains make the stunning journey a breeze.

Other Spanish airports you could travel to include Girona, Reus and Lleida, but these airports do not have any shared bus services.

The other main option to get to Andorra is Toulouse. Using this French airport to travel to Andorra means a comparative journey time, and a large choice of airlines and flights.  The French border route is more subject to adverse weather conditions though, as the road climbs high to enter Andorra close to Pas de la Casa.

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The Bus from Barcelona to Andorra

The easiest way to get to Andorra from Barcelona is to use the regular shared bus service, operated by AndBus (formerly Novatel). This comfortable bus service to Andorra is a great choice overall for travelling, and it can take you to most of the major hotels in your chosen resort (subject to local conditions). You have charging points and WiFi on board, but please note there are no toilets on board, and no scheduled stops. The travel time is between three and a half and four hours depending on your resort.

Andbus bus

The Bus from Toulouse to Andorra

Andbus also operate the bus from Toulouse to Andorra, and this a great option if you’re heading to Pas de la Casa or Soldeu. 

Please note, that travel time is an estimation including all of the drop off points made by Andbus. If you do want to arrive a little faster to those slopes, you do have the option of a private transfer.

Private Transfers to Andorra

If you decide to travel to one of the smaller airports in close proximity to Andorra, we can safely and efficiently bring you directly to your hotel in resort (local traffic laws permitting). In fact, private transfers are becoming more and more popular with our customers. If you’re a bigger group or coming on a family holiday to Andorra, they work our great value for money. They’re also generally faster, as you don’t have to wait for other passengers to get on and off.

Coach at the Novatel bus station

If you’re coming from Lleida, you can expect your journey time to be three to three and a half hours. Similarly, from Girona to Andorra, you’re looking at just slightly longer than this.

If you would like us to arrange a private transfer to Andorra for you, just let us know! There’s no request too big or small for us here at Andorra Resorts.

To book a bus service to Andorra, just click here.

Getting to Andorra By Car

If you’re driving to Andorra, then getting to Andorra by car takes around 12 hours from Calais, or 10½ hours from Caen.  Both routes are very easy, although we’d recommend paying the extra and using the French motorways, because driving the “N” roads adds quite a bit of time to the journey, especially if you’re driving during the daytime.

If you opt to fly-drive, you’ll have plenty of car rental options from Toulouse and Barcelona, however make sure that your car rental provider allows cross-border travel for every eventuality.  Obviously you’ll need cross-border into Andorra, but if you’re renting in France then it’s best practice to have the option to travel via Spain just in case the snow is bad enough to close the access route via the French border.

Enjoy Your Stay!

So now you know how to get to Andorra, we hope you enjoy your stay.  Andorra has so much to offer both in the summer and in winter, with amazing landscapes to enjoy as well as great shopping, relaxing spas and a huge range of activities too.