Update to Barcelona Airport Transfers Pickup

Barcelona Airport

This winter sees a change to the pick-up point for airport transfers from Barcelona to Andorra if you’re flying in to terminal two.  Pretty much all flights at T2 arrive into T2B, so once you arrive come outside at terminal 2B, turn right, and head to the bus stop just beyond the “Technical Block” and the “PR2” meeting point. (more…)

Novatel Pick-up Point Changed at Barcelona T2

*Please note. The following information is out of date, for the most recent update please click here.

Photo of a Novatel bus, for shared airport transfers

The pick-up point for Novatel shared transfers has changed at Barcelona airport for arrivals to terminal two.  For those of you familiar with the old bus stop it is basically on the opposite side of the road, ie. on the terminal side of the road, but a tiny bit further up in the large pull-in area for buses.

If you’re unfamiliar with Barcelona airport then terminal two is split into three sections: A, B & C, with all terminal two arrivals coming into the B section, which is where Novatel picks up from.

There’s a Novatel noticeboard on the wall by where the bus stops, although no signpost, so we’ve taken a few photos to make sure you know where to be!

A row of three photos showing the Novatel bus stop