What Bus Should I Get?

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Shared transfers are the most cost-effective way from getting from the airport to your resort, and with regular services running from Barcelona (2023: eight times daily) and Toulouse (three times daily) it’s a great solution to get to the slopes when on an independent holiday.  Matching your transfer to your flight time is important, so we have compiled some of our most commonly answered questions.

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How long will it take for me to get to the transfer bus?

The difficulty is, it’s not an exact science.  Transition time from flight landing to arrivals can range from ten minutes to one hour and 30mins.  There are many factors that can delay or speed up the process including; flight not landing at the correct time (early or late), passport control being busy/quiet, baggage arriving to the belt late/early.  So, the reality is it’s impossible to say how long it will take you.  From experience, we always recommend allowing one hour to get from your flight to the transfer bus for a comfortable transition.

Once you are in arrivals, it’s just a short walk to get to the transfer meeting points.  You can find our handy videos showing you exactly how to get there here.

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There is a bus 45 mins after my flight lands, will I make it?

Potentially, it all depends on how busy the airport is, and you won’t know that until you are actually there.  In this situation you have two options;

Option A) Book the transfer closest to your flight arrival, so you have guaranteed seats on this service.  If you miss the service, you can transfer your tickets (free of charge – same day only) to the next service with available seats.  If the service after is fully booked, then you may have to wait until there is a service with enough space – there is no guarantee you can get on any service apart from the one you have booked.

Option B) You book the later service, then on the day if the airport is quiet and you make it through quickly you can check to see if the earlier service has enough space for you to transfer your ticket.  If there is space, you can use your tickets on this service.  If there isn’t space, or you don’t make it through in time, you then have your guaranteed seats on the next service.

The choice is completely up to you, but the gamble is smaller with option B as the risk of being at the airport longer, is lower.

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Do you have a number for the driver if we are running 5 minutes late?

Unfortunately, there are no contact details available for the drivers and as it’s a scheduled service the buses can’t wait for any passengers that don’t arrive.  The drivers don’t have any details of your flight, and because transfer tickets can be transferred to other services it’s quite normal for there to be no-shows.  Any delay can result in knock on delays for other services – so where possible they always plan to leave on time.

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What service should I catch for my return?

We generally suggest that you should select a transfer about seven hours before your flight is due to take off.  Again, this is no exact science and you should always plan to leave yourself three hours at the airport to check-in and make your way to departures.  Transfer times can be affected by traffic and weather conditions so allowing yourself extra time is always more sensible than cutting it fine.

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