Andorra eSIM for Tourists

Using mobile data in Andorra

When you visit Andorra you’ll most probably be bringing your mobile phone or other connected devices with you, so getting connected to the mobile network here is often a priority for visitors who want mobile data in Andorra. However, with Andorra Telecom being the only network, it can work out to be pretty expensive, especially if you’re a heavy data user and you don’t connect to the plentiful wifi networks. So you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a brand new option, no longer requiring a SIM card, now with the Andorra eSIM for tourists, which you can do easily online before you arrive, and we’ll explain how to do it here.

Mobile Data from Andorra Telecom
Andorra eSIM for Tourists from Andorra Telecom

Minutes & Mobile Data in Andorra

There’s only one mobile network in Andorra, which is Andorra Telecom, and if you want to get a local SIM card to put in your phone you need to go to their main office in Andorra la Vella, which obviously isn’t too convenient if you’re staying in one of the ski resorts. So Andorra Telecom have launched a new service utilising eSIM technology, which means you can add an electronic SIM to your phone before you arrive, and activate it as you cross the border, making use of local rates for phone calls and mobile data in Andorra on your holiday!

Which Phones Are Compatible?

You need to check if your phone accepts an eSIM instead of a regular SIM card, but most of the latest phones do. If you’re on Apple then the iPhone XS does, plus anything from the iPhone XR and newer. If you’re on Android then phones from Google Pixel and newer, and Samsung Note 20 and newer should all be compatible. Other brands include this feature too, such as Huawei and Motorola, but just double check your device before you sign up.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two options you can go for, small and medium. As of January 2023, the small option is €9 per 30 days and includes 1GB of data and 20 minutes of local calls. The medium option is €19 per 30 days and includes 3GB of data and 60 minutes of national calls. It automatically renews every 30 days, so you just need to make sure you top the renewal if you’re only using it for your holiday. If you need extra data there are a few options, but 1GB is €9, and you can top up online or on their app.

Andorra Telecom Confirmation Emails

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for an eSIM from Andorra Telecom you first need to register for an account on their website, which you can do on this page.

After signing up you’ll receive a welcome email, and you’ll need to choose the package you want. You’ll be issued with your mobile number, and given a link to download your QR code for your eSIM. Phone numbers in Andorra are only six digits, and the country code for Andorra is +376, so your number will be along the lines of +376 612345.

You can manage your account online, or there is an Andorra Telecom app available where you can see your usage and top up as required.

Andorra Telecom App

Getting Connected in Andorra

If you’re undecided whether you want to get yourself an Andorra eSIM for tourists, you may be wondering if you actually need one. In short, the answer is no. You’ll find wifi in pretty much every bar and restaurant in the villages as well as on the mountain, so for most people you won’t actually need to get yourself a contract for mobile data in Andorra for your holidays.

However if you can’t be without a connection, eg. if you have to stay connected for work even whilst you’re skiing, or if you want to have a local number to be able to make and receive phone calls whilst in Andorra, then this new eSIM option could be a great solution for you now you no longer need a physical SIM card.