The World of HD Helmet Cameras

Drift HD Ghost Helmet Camera

ADrift HD Ghost Helmet Cameran Introduction into the World of HD Helmet Cameras

If you’re considering purchasing an action camera this winter, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s never been a better time to do so. 2012 has been an exciting year where action cameras are concerned and competition between top manufacturers is fiercer than ever before.

But first things first, what makes an action camera any better for a winter sports excursion than the humble handycam?

Action cameras, as the name suggests are designed for action. They are built to withstand the harsh elements, which come with skiing or snowboarding, such as snow & ice, sub-zero temperatures, high speeds and physical impact. (more…)

Lindsay Vonn Denied Chance to Race Men

Lindsay Vonn

Lindsay VonnSomething creating huge discussion in the world of skiing is Lindsay Vonn and her request to race against men in the Lake Louise round of the World Cup, however unfortunately today the International Ski Federation (FIS) have ruled that she can’t take part in the men’s race.

She has been dominating women’s skiing for the past few years and wanted the chance to show that it is possible for women to compete against their male counterparts, and although she didn’t expect to win she was hopeful of a top 30 placement.  The main reason for her wanting to compete was to raise awareness of ski racing, particularly female ski racing, by generating media and public interest in a showpiece event.

Whilst she has definitely got people talking within the skiing community it is a shame that the FIS haven’t allowed it to go ahead as it would have been very interesting to see if she raised her game yet again.  It is hoped that at some point in the not too distant future the FIS may re-consider their stance, but in the meantime we can look forward to her racing on the women’s circuit.