‘Cheap’ Ski Insurance is a False Economy

One of the biggest mistakes skiers can make is buying the cheapest ski insurance, says Ski Insurance specialist MPI Brokers. It warns that saving a few pounds on an insurance premium can be a costly mistake if there is an accident during a trip to the mountains.

MPI says: “It is a false economy to judge insurance policies on price alone – what really matters is the extent of cover a policy provides.

“There’s a reason some insurance providers offer ‘cheap’ cover: it’s to attract more customers. But cheap invariably means less – and this is where skiers can be caught out if they have to make a claim.

“The key is always in the policy wording, where the insurance provider spells out what is covered and what is not. A comparison of cheap policies against others – ours, for example – will show that if you want to cut your costs, your activities will be limited by exclusions.

“The classic is off-piste skiing. Even if there is no intention to ski off-piste it can be very easy to do so inadvertently. Once outside the piste markers the skier is technically off-piste.

“If there’s an accident under such circumstances rescue costs may increase sharply – and the ‘cheap’ insurance provider who has excluded off-piste skiing will most likely decline to help with those or other related costs.”

“At MPI Brokers we feel skiers should have the same peace of mind whether they are on or off-piste, and with or without a guide. So our policies make no distinction.

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“Remember: ‘It’s not the cost that matters, but the cover that counts’