Andorra Tourist Tax

Andorra Tourist Tax

If you’re coming to Andorra this winter you need to be aware of the new Andorra tourist tax, which started to apply to most tourist accommodation from July 2022. The tourist tax is payable by everyone aged 16 years and older, and is charged per person per night up to a maximum of seven nights.

The tourist tax is applicable to all officially approved tourist accommodation at the following scale:

5* Tourist Accommodation€3
4* Tourist Accommodation€2
Housing For Tourist Use€2
2* or 3* Tourist Accommodation€1.50
Other Tourist Accommodation (Eg. Campsites)€1
Plus IGI tax of 4.5% (like VAT)
Hotels now charging a tourist tax in Andorra

As an example, a family of four (two adults plus two children aged 12 & 14) staying in a 3* hotel for 7 nights will need to pay €21.95 directly at the hotel reception. That would be €1.50 per night for each adult, nothing for the children, and then plus 4.5% IGI.

Why was the tax introduced?

The Andorra tourist tax has been introduced by the Government of Andorra to boost tourism in the country and to promote sustainability. The law for the new tax lists seven key themes, including the promotion of tourism, but also the development if infrastructure and working to de-seasonalise tourism in Andorra.