The Slopes Of Andorra

Is it your first time in Andorra and you don’t know where to start? Andorra has a total of 202 tracks, between 2 different resorts (Grandvalira and Vallnord). Which ones are the most suitable slopes for you? Don’t miss our guide to our favourite runs in Andorra classified by levels.

FOR THE FIRST TIMERS: If you have never skied or snowboarded before, you should know that the slopes are classified by colours, green is the easiest level followed by blue and red, the hardest runs in resort are classified as black.

Therefore, if it is your first day in the mountains, we recommend you to stay on the green slopes where it should be easier to learn this amazing sport. All ski resorts have a beginner area and a ski school, we always recommend that you take lessons if you are a complete beginner since it will be easier for you to progress and you can make the most of your time on the slopes.

Our favourite green run in Andorra is, without a doubt, the Megaverde. This is the longest green slope in the Pyrenees at 8 km long. We love it because it goes through the entire Vallnord-Arcalís ski resort. From the highest point at the top of the La Basera chairlift to finish at the base of L’Hortell where you can find all the facilities of the resort: restaurants, medical centre, ski pass office, parking etc. This track offers incredible views of the resort and it is perfect for beginners as the inclination is very small making it a very easy track full of surprises, like the hidden cave of Arcalís, let’s see if you can find it!

FOR THE ADVANCED BEGINNERS: If you have skied a few times before, you’ve learned the basic techniques to turn and brake but you still do not feel very safe on the mountain, we recommend you stick to the blue runs.

If you are skiing in Grandvalira, you can not miss the blue run Ós. This track is a pleasant and easy run surrounded by trees, keep an eye out for animals, they can often be found amongst the trees on this run. It also offers beautiful views of the town of Soldeu. Soldeu is where it finishes,  here you will find many apres ski options. Soldeu is a town full of life!

On the other hand, if you are in Pal Arinsal, another blue run that we love among forests is La Serra that ends at the base of Pal where you can find restaurants, shops, and activities for children. This track is quite easy and the views are incredible if you are a little more confident in your ability we recommend that you venture on to the snow paths between the trees on the sides of the run, super fun!

FOR THE INTERMEDIATES: If you have been skiing for years and you can control your speed perfectly while you are turning in parallel, as you might know, your colour is red! Also, you will notice that since having more difficulty red slopes tend to be quieter usually.

A must in Andorra is, of course, Camino de Pessons, in the area of Grau Roig, Grandvalira. Despite being a red run, it is not one of the hardest, it takes you down a pleasant path with incredible views of the Grau Roig mountains. If you need to rest your legs we highly recommend the Pessons restaurant, located in the same slope next to the stunning lake with the same name that is usually frozen during the winter, the perfect place for a beer break with a different view.

FOR THE PROS: If you are an expert and you love skiing the most challenging tracks, Andorra has a wide variety of black slopes.

Firstly, we dare you to go down the steepest run in Andorra: La Capa. This track is located at the top of the Arinsal-Vallnord sector. It is accessed through a draglift that borders the ridge of the mountain with a vertiginous view of the mountains of Pal & Arinsal at the same time. Where the draglift ends, you can only do one thing: ski down without fear!

If you are spending your holidays in Grandvalira, you cannot miss the black run: Aliga! The best skiers in the world will descend this slope in the World Cup Finals in March 2019, taking place in Soldeu – El Tarter (11-17 March 2019). Feel like a professional racer while skiing down this long track that ends at the base of El Tarter, this is only suitable for advanced skiers. On arrival, you will be greeted by the best apres ski terrace of Andorra, L’Abarset, in the same parking lot of El Tarter, in case you still have strength enough to dance after all day skiing.

FOR THE FREERIDES: If you are not afraid of anything, you always cross the limits, Andorra offers many freeride areas that are not groomed, just natural slopes. Undoubtedly, our favourite freeride area is Creussants in Ordino-Arcalís. The first time we took the chair lift Creussants we were shocked when we reached the top and we realized that there was no runs from there, just pure mountain in which you choose your way but always respecting the warnings and signals. We love it because as many times as you do it you will always find new lines.

FOR THE LITTLE ONES: If you are coming to ski with the youngest members of your family, the important thing is that they enjoy the holiday and have a great time in the snow but always stay safe. That’s why we recommend the use of a helmet for all the children on the slopes of Andorra.

If you are skiing with young children, your best option is Mont Magic, in Canillo. Here you can find the longest thematic track of all the Pyrenees, with magical creatures around the forests that surround this run. In addition, the area of Canillo is the family place in Grandvalira with an infinity of activities available from the 500 metres zip line to the new roller coaster in the mountain: Magic Gliss, do not miss our video of the activities in Canillo here.

If you’re heading to Andorra soon, don’t forget to book your ski extras and transfers!